• John

Why the hell would anyone urban farm??

Well.....now there's a question. We've always had a garden (when I say we, I'm referring to my wife, Kathryn, and my two daughters, Kelsey and Lauren). In recent years things started to grow, primarily due to concerns with the commercial food system, family health, and then there is the elusive, 'I have no idea how this happened' which is probably the most honest answer. Well, here I am, for good or bad, A market gardener/micro farmer.

I've been a golf course Superintendent for many years, very successful in my profession, and of all the things I've learned, the most important is, I like my hands in the dirt. Throughout the years there have been times when I felt as if I'm supposed to apologize for that and when I was younger, I probably did, now?? yeah well, not so much. I grow damn good vegetables and fruits that don't have a speck of pesticides on them. In the coming weeks, months, seasons, etc. I'm going to rely strictly on compost and soil health for all plant nutrition. Anyway, if you want to learn how I grow, drop in on occasion, I'll take photos, try to make intelligent observations, and explain the science of how it all works. Welcome!!

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