• John

Harvest Day

7:00 am I'm getting ready to go out and start harvesting before the heat. A couple of observations about the crop this week. First, it's 101 degrees low humidity. It's hot but you need to work around it. My spinach looks fantastic. In an effort to keep the spinach and lettuce from bolting (going to seed) I'm using a 50% shade cloth and watering during the day as a mist. 10,2, and 6. It seems to be working so I'll stick with it, more to come on that effort. Besides Spinach and Lettuce, I'm going to have Kale, Summer Squash, Beets, possibly some baby carrots and a few tomatoes for the farmers market. Not a bad week of growth. I'm thinning with greater enthusiasm, it just really makes all the difference. My most recent

enlightenment...Always THIN the crops!!

Canteloupe are well as are the corn, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Well, gotta beat the heat.


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