• John

The day after.......

Yesterday was the Farmers Market. It was great, marketing is without question the area of least experience. Last week the Market Director offered to move my booth to the area where most of the local farmers were setup. I jumped right on this. Very friendly bunch. I was able to watch them interact with customers....Keep it Real Vegetables has a ton of customers!! The booth next to me just had great looking vege and was also very busy. Nice to see that many people interested in fresh local produce.

This week on the micro, I'll look to keep the big harvests going to greens; Lettuce, Spinach, Kale. Summer squash is also very productive and great tasting, I grilled some Paddy Pan last night with Steak and Potatoes.....

I'm mulling over the idea of adding shoots to the booth, primarily live pea shoots, either cut to order or sold in a clamshell. Need to start looking for local seeds.


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