• John

Some big harvests, some very big heat.

I've decided to offer some living Pea shoots while the weather is so hot (95-100), Spinach and Leaf lettuce much less productive right now

It's the time of plenty in other areas of the harvest and it's great. The first batch of marinara in on the stove top, 40 lbs of Paddy Pan and Zucchini, 15 lbs of Cherry Tomatoes, Cantaloupe, Cucumbers, and Straw Bale Potatoes. Spinach and Lettuce came in at 14 and 10 lbs for the market(they have been twice that). Spinach and Lettuce are in very high demand so I'm experimenting with soil blocks in a controlled environment to try and improve germination. If successful I'll transplant rather than direct seed. In addition, I'll use some pre-germination techniques (soaking and drying) on the Spinach seed, it's much larger than lettuce making the experiment possible with my current infrastructure. We'll see how it goes, either way it's great fun, Science!!


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