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Tomato season is in full swing

Here is an Heirloom tomato known as Cherokee Purple. It has an odd shape, dark red flesh and tastes terrific. It's history can be traced to a seed savers garden in the early 1990's North Carolina. Before that, the story goes back to the Cherokee Nations of the 1800's. Google!! I'll be saving seeds from this fruit for next year along with another heirloom called Bonny's Best.

Results from priming of the Spinach seed to combat some of the heat issues worked very well (July 30th post). I seeded quite heavy but the seed came up in 5-7 days, thick and healthy. Priming is a technique of pre-germination; soaking the seeds for 24 hours, drying them in a paper towel for a day or two, then seeding them in the field. Many seeds benefit from this type of assist when conditions for germination aren't ideal.

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