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Early October thoughts

I really need to get better about putting my progress in the blog. Life keeps getting in the way.

Undoubtedly, the growing season is coming to a close, for first year commercially, I going to call the project a success!! Over 2000 lbs. of organic vegetables on about 1500 sq. ft., not bad for my first dip in the pool and it doesn't count 200 lbs. of apples.

Over the winter systems will be the task, that is, planting schedules, compost development, yields, marketing, all manner of things. The goal for 2019 will be more vegetables, more growing space, and higher yields. Hopefully getting to 4000 lb. production area. If anyone actually reads this and has ideas regarding what crops to grow, send me an email, I'm going to try grow figs, hopefully the winters won't kill them off.

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