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Soil Biology

I've decided to spend the winter working on writing down thoughts about soils, soil biology, compost, etc. By no means am I declaring myself an expert, simply a life long learner, trying to come up with the most regenerative, sustainable, methods to use on my market garden. Good compost is an obvious place to start and the picture shows the current state of my finished product. Soup to nuts, it takes about 6 months to get here, what I consider my finished product. It's primarily a mixture of Horse manure, green yard waste, straw and unused grass hay, leaves in season, coffee grounds, just about anything that's on the 'use this' compost list. I refrain from bones, meats, stuff like that. I know it's easy to find methods that use these things, I'm just not comfortable wearing that suit, yet. I haven't used synthetic fertilizers or pesticides on my property in four years so I feel like I'.m getting pretty clean and beyond organic. I'll expand into my construction methods in my next post....

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