• John

It's Cold Outside

Well, the Compost is cooking, my seed order is just about ready, planting schedule is in full development, and the waiting is killing me. Right after the holidays, I'm going to install an interior plastic layer in the greenhouse to reduce the heating bill. I'm looking into having methods of installing a compost bin inside and some geothermal options as well. Zero external inputs, the ultimate goal. Of course, that's not really attainable due to the horse hay being imported, but, if I reduce/eliminate external inputs as a farm goal, I feel like I'll be running a very good market garden system.

Case in point, BROWNS.....I added a bit more straw, well a lot more straw in the most recent compost build. When I turned the first pile, it was a bit hot and a bit smelly. The brown components of compost seem to be the most difficult to manage, there's only so many leaves, sticks, cardboard, etc. around. Another external input.................


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