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Sometimes it's just kinda cool!

I was on this Facebook page and a person ask for help fertilizing their yard. Lots of use this 4 times a year, call this lawn care company, call that lawn care company. Me? I offered the following....

'Grow your soil, not the grass. Take off you bag, return clippings, and add red wiggler worms. This will work like a charm, no synthetic fertilizer, no pesticides, ever again. There will be a few weeds initially, however, no need to aerate, worms take care of that for you!! Water use reduced 50-60%, the grass will out compete the weeds.. In the fall cover it with tree leaves and chop/mulch them into your grass with a mower, finally, take a deep breath, it's 78 percent Nitrogen. Using this method will increase soil microbes that will grab that atmospheric Nitrogen and make it available for plant use. There ya go.....Lessons learned in forty years as Golf Course Superintendent'.

Now, there were some naysayers, as there often are, but, a couple of people ask me for more information and help in setting their lawn up on a chemical/fertilizer free path. Now that's kinda cool, People want to get away from the chemical lie we've been subject to (myself included) our entire lives.

On to farming..Planting has started, Salanova Lettuce using soil blocks to reduce plastics. Germination took about 5 days, planting ten different varieties.

I've expanded my NFT hydroponics experiment. I now have 38 pots growing greens, lettuce, kale, spinach, etc.

I'm also trying some green onions. The guys down at Moonlight Garden supply helped me get my nutrition pointed in the right direction. Great store!!

It's been a long winter, the prospect of getting back in action is very exciting!

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