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Spring vegetable production

The 2019 spring season has arrived. There is snow on the ground this morning, it will be 60 degrees later today, yes indeed, that would be spring. I have been hardening off and transplanting cold tolerant veggies, broccoli, kale, lettuce, etc. with one exception/experiment. I've planted cherry tomatoes under a low tunnel which is about 3-4 weeks before the average last frost. A low tunnel in my area will keep the covered area about 5-7 degrees warmer than uncovered so as long as the low temperatures stay out of the twenties, my experiment has a chance of success. Success being measured as fresh tomatoes in early June. The varieties I planted are 'Valentine' and 'Super Sweet', 55-60 Days to Maturity. Both are indeterminate tomatoes so once they start producing they will yield tomatoes for quite some time. Low tunnels are inexpensive around $40 to install, will last a couple of years, and a great way to extend the growing season of Market Gardeners and backyard hobbyist alike. You can find construction methods all over Youtube land. It's very effective and will get your vegetables off to a great and early start. Be sure to uncover during the day, low tunnels heat up, big time on suny days and cook your plants!!

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